Past Fellows

Institutional affiliation during the Fellowship program


Russell Jeung, San Francisco State University, “Religion and Resiliency: Religious Participation and Low-Income Asian Youth”

Anita Houck, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, “Rootless and Restless? Envisioning Single Life in Contemporary Congregations”

Gerardo Marti, Davidson College, “Congregational Music and Racial Diversity”


Kathleen Jenkins, The College of William and Mary, “Divorce and Uncoupling in Religious Community”

William Clark, College of the Holy Cross, “Community, Authority and Ministry: Ecclesiological Implications of Parish Clustering and Reorganization Plans in the Roman Catholic Church”

Arlene Sanchez Walsh, Azusa Pacific University, “Santidad, Sanación, y Salvación: Reimagining Latino Evangelicalism”


Tobin Belzer, University of Southern California, “The Weakness of Strong Ties: An Exploration of the Denominational Roots of Non-Denominational Churches”

Kraig Beyerlein, University of Arizona, “Saving Lives: Congregations’ Humanitarian Efforts to Help Migrants Crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border”

Jenny Trinatipoli, Arizona State University, “The Role of Congregations in Providing Care in the AIDS Epidemic in Malawi


Sascha Goluboff, Washington and Lee University, “African American Home Church: The Politics of Race and Religion in the Rural South”

Rebecca Kim, Pepperdine University, “De-westernization of American Christianity: Reverse Korean Missionaries”

Lance Laird, Boston University School of Medicine, “Mosques, Churches, and Religious Health Assets in Roxbury and Dorchester”


Christopher Brittain, University of Aberdeen, “Congregational Identity in the Wake of Denominational Crisis: The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh”

Margarita Mooney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Engaged Scholarship on Religion and International Migration”

Christine Sheikh, University of Denver, “One Ummah, Separate Worlds? Discourses on Race and Ethnicity in Multi-Ethnic Muslim Congregations”


Orit Avishai, Fordham University, “Holy Unions: Faith-Based Marriage Education and the ‘Crisis in Marriage’”

Tricia Bruce, Maryville College, “Identity and Community in Personal Parishes in the U.S. Catholic Church”

Lynne Gerber, University of California at Berkeley, “Surviving the Plague: Remembering, Healing, and Growing Past Communal Trauma in an Urban Congregation”


Brett Hoover, Loyola Marymount University, “The Shared Parish: Local Roman Catholic Intercultural Practices”

Leah Gunning-Francis, Eden Theological Seminary, “‘At Risk’?: Middle Class Black Boys and the Reimagining of Christian Education in Social Transformation”

Géraldine Mossière, Faculté de théologie et de sciences des religions, Université de Montréal, “Young Believers at Stake: Activities Resources and Strategies of African Pentecostal congregations to attract second generation immigrant youth”


Miranda Klaver, VU Amsterdam, “Religious Authority, Community Formation and the Role of Media in Multisite Congregations in New York and Amsterdam”

Maria Van Ryn, Yeshiva University, “Congregational Involvement in Interfaith Programming”

Heather White, New College Florida, “Gay Liberation at the Church of the Holy Apostles: Religion and Lived Practice in the Congregation that Hosted the Gay Rights Movement”