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Eleven Things You Might Not Understand About Your Minister

Mark Love, of Mark Love Furniture, wrote a thought-provoking blog post, stating 11 Things You Might Not Understand About Your Minister. He writes, So here’s what your minister wishes you understood. Give it a read, give it some thought, and give...
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Multiculturalism In Congregations Is More Than Just Diversity

For many congregations, having a more racially or ethnically diverse congregation is a goal, as the communities look to expand their reach to new enclaves of potential members. Alex Murashko, of the Christian Post Reporter, discusses both the...
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Understanding “Chreasters” – Members who Attend at Christmas and Easter

The issue of how members become “Chreasters” – people who attend at Christmas and Easter – was raised by George Bullard in the American Baptist Press. The members he focuses on were once regular attenders: they were involved in Sunday School and...
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