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No One Should Have To Do This Alone!

The UCC blog,, posted a blog entry from Gail Cafferata, a researcher examining issues of closing congregations. She examines the role of emotional support on pastors closing congregations. I asked a pastor about her experience serving a church that had...
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New Research in Congregations: National Congregations Study, Wave 3

The results from the latest version of the National Congregations Study are now available. The National Congregations Study (NCS) covers many topics, so their article  limits the discussion of the changing religious landscape on five issues: “more ethnic diversity, more...
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Gentrification in LA: From the Religion and Civic Culture Blog

Check out the recent post from the Religion and Civic Culture blog on gentrification in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA: Last week I took a walk on the gentrifying edge of Los Feliz with the pastor of a local church that mainly ministers to the down-and-out. We talked about the...
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New Research: Religion as Social Support

All around us, we face requests for help. Colleagues may ask us for advice, friends may need a listening ear, a social service organization may be raising funds or looking for more volunteers, and an elderly family member may need our care. Social scientists have found that...
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The American Parish Project: Call for Papers

The American Parish Project (TAPP) invites papers for a seminar on the sociology of the Catholic parish that will advance a new understanding of Catholic practice, culture, and organizational life. We invite social scientists to participate in a four-day seminar in Los Angeles on...
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