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Kurien (2014)

Kurien, Prema. 2014. The Impact of International Migration on Home Churches: The Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Church in India. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53 (1):109-129.
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Burchardt (2013)

Burchardt, Marian. 2013. Faith-Based Humanitarianism: Organizational Change and Everyday Meanings in South Africa. Sociology of Religion 74 (1):30-55.
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Rinaldo (2013)

Rinaldo, R. 2013. Mobilizing Piety: Islam and Feminism in Indonesia. New York: Oxford University Press. (Amazon)
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Murillo (2009)

Murillo, L. E. 2009. “Tamales on the Fourth of July: The Transnational Parish of Coeneo, Michoacan.” Religion and American Culture 19(2): 137-168. (Article)
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Borell and Gerdner (2013)

Borell, K., & Gerdner, A. 2013. “Cooperation or Isolation? Muslim Congregations in a Scandinavian Welfare State: A Nationally Representative Survey from Sweden.” Review of Religious Research 55: 557-571. (Article)
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