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Johnson-Lawrence, Bailey, Sanders, Sneed, Angel-Vincent, Lewis & Johnson (2019)

Johnson-Lawrence, Vicki, Sarah Bailey, Patrick E. Sanders, Rodlescia Sneed, Ariel Angel-Vincent, Allysoon Brewer, E. Yvonne Lewis and Jennifer Johnson. 2019. “The Church Challenge: A Community-Based Multilevel Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Blood Pressure...
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Bonhag & Upenieks (2021)

Bonhag, Rebecca and Laura Upenieks. 2021. “Mattering to God and to the Congregation: Gendered Effects in Mattering as a Mechanism between Religiosity and Mental Health.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 60(4):890-913. doi:
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Bolder, Tinsley, & Ecklund (2018)

Bolger, Daniel, Cleve Tinsley and Elaine Howard Ecklund. 2018. “Heaven and Health: How Black, Latino, and Korean Christians View the Relationship between Faith and Health.” Review of Religious Research 60(3):389-402. 
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