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Serrao & Cavendish (2018)

Serrao, Rodrigo and James Cavendish. 2018. “The Social Functions and Dysfunctions of Brazilian Immigrant Congregations in “Terra Incognita”.” Review of Religious Research 60(3):367-88.
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Sanchez, Vargas, Burwell, Martinez, Peña & Hernandez (2016)

Sanchez, Esmeralda, Nicholas Vargas, Rebecca Burwell, Jessica Hamar Martinez, Milagros Peña and Edwin I. Hernandez. 2016. “Latino Congregations and Youth Educational Expectations.” Sociology of Religion 77(2):171-92. doi: 
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Reynolds & Reynolds (2018)

Reynolds, Andrew D. and Susan B. Reynolds. 2018. “The Integration of Hispanic Parishioners in Us Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry: Results from a National Survey.” Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community 46(4):355-71. doi:...
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Mulder, Ramos & Marti (2017)

Mulder, Mark T., Aida I. Ramos and Gerardo Marti. 2017. Latino Protestants in America: Growing and Diverse. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
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Martinez & Tamburello (2018)

Martinez, Brandon C. and Jeffrey A. Tamburello. 2018. “The Role of Whites in Lay Leadership within Latino Churches.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 57(1):39-57. doi:
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