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Chuck Knows Church: The Committee

Chuck Knows Church, a product of the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship, is launching a new series of web episodes looking at declining and closing congregations called “The Committee.” The pilot came out today, and the first episodes of the committee discussing whether the congregation closes its doors or attempts to reinvent itself.


Many of the issues raised in the pilot episode of “The Committee” are conversations that congregational studies can help illuminate. How can congregations that are struggling with issues of keeping doors open examine their congregation in different ways? How can congregations look to reinvent themselves given the current people in attendance and the congregation’s location? How do you engage new people into the ministries of a congregation, and how do you let overburdened leaders recognize when its time to move on?

We’ll be keeping an eye on “The Committee” to see the ways in which current research in congregational studies fits into their narrative.

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Dr. Ellen Childs holds a Ph.D. in sociology from University of Notre Dame. She is Website Director at