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Daily Struggles: Tasks in Leadership

There are a number of key tasks that congregational leaders must help congregational members do. First, congregational leaders must help the congregation to get a realistic understanding of its surroundings, circumstances, and situation. Second, congregational leaders must help the congregation develop a unified vision for their congregation that is true to their understanding of God and God’s purpose for the congregation. Third, congregational leaders must strive to continually encourage the congregation to live out that vision in the congregation’s regular work.

But that’s not all, congregational leaders must keep an eye on potential problems and conflicts that can disrupt the life of the congregation and the implementation of the congregation’s vision.

Which of these, for you as a religious leader, are the hardest to complete? Is it hardest to convince your congregation about the place that they are in, versus the ideal of “what we once were?” Is it hardest to inspire vision in a struggling community? Or is it hardest to convince the community to follow through on tasks that conversations of previous community life have inspired?

What are some of the techniques you use to inspire a tired congregation? Tell us on Facebook or twitter!



About the Author
Dr. Ellen Childs holds a Ph.D. in sociology from University of Notre Dame. She is Website Director at