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Grant Money for Pastor/Scholar Teams!

Are you a religious leader or religious scholar who has an innovative research idea for studying North American Christian congregations? Louisville Institute has a call for research teams comprised of both academic and pastoral leaders to work in collaboration for the project.

The Louisville Institute’s Collaborative Inquiry Team (CIT) program supports teams of four to six pastors and professors who propose projects to strengthen the life of North American Christian congregations. Each team will spend three years exploring together a question of vital importance to the church. For this round of funding, we are particularly interested in projects that investigate some aspect of the economy, health care, or peacemaking. All funded projects should involve substantial opportunity for learning that will benefit the church by addressing a living question the church faces in each of these areas. The maximum award per team over the three-year period will be $45,000.

The deadline is April 1!

The Louisville Institute has a number of other grant opportunities for individual pastors and academics (with later deadlines) — check them out!

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