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Welcome to Studying Congregations. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you better understand congregations, consider the nature and dynamics of faith communities, and find support in developing new ways to express and support your faith. Think of Studying Congregations as your guide in understanding particular issues facing a specific congregation, or exploring the way congregations across the U.S. and the world are playing new roles in society.

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4 Ways to Reconsider Your Congregation

We use the word “frame” to mean ways to organize thoughts around the topic of studying congregation — you could also think of it as a lens or an orienting strategy.

How does the addition of another faith community, one that is growing,
affect how your congregation reaches
out to the community or the congregation’s morale?

It’s important to understand what
brings people together, in terms
of the activities they do, the things
they value, and the stories
they tell.

One important variable to consider when examining congregational life is the types of resources available to a congregation. These resources can be both countable or relational.

A better understanding the processes can provide for greater committee efficiency, stronger and better-run programming, & more engagement by members.

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