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Predictions for American Churches in 2014

Two recent posts (first, second) from The Christian Post outlines 14 Predictions for American Churches in 2014. In short, these predictions are:

1. Increased church acquisitions.

2. Downsizing of denominational structures.

3. Decline in conversion growth.

4. More megachurches.

5. Greater number of churches moving to a unified worship style.

6. Increased emphasis on high-expectation church membership.

7. Increased challenges for congregations to build and acquire land due to restrictive governmental policies.

8. More large churches will function like mini-denominations.

9. New worship centers will be built smaller.

10. Increased emphasis on small groups.

11. Longer pastoral tenure.

12. Local churches increasing their roles as ministry training leaders.

13. Church movement to the community.

14. More multiple teaching/preaching pastors.

This is a strong list of suggestions for how churches might change during the next year. Which ones are reaching too far? Which do you think may not happen? Are there some that seem right on? To me, it seems that the focus on small groups and longer pastoral tenures is present and assured. But some of the other predictions seem over-reaching. Tell us what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

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