Depending on what types of research you want to do, we have a variety of different types of resources for you! Looking for tips on particular research methods, such as direct observation, interviewing, focus groups, congregational time line, archival document analysis, questionnaires and surveys, and secondary data sources.

Checkout our worksheet for developing a research topic into a research question – Research Question Worksheet.

If you are doing direct observation, you might be interested in our Observational Protocol.

If you are attempting to write questions for a survey or interview, check out these Questionnaire Construction Suggestions.

If you’re working on archival document analysis, you should check out the tips on the Content Analysis Protocol.

And for all types of research with people, it’s essential you keep Research Ethics in mind.


Outside Resources

  • The Congregational Consulting Group, organized in 2014 by former consultants of the Alban Institute, is a network of independent consultants. We help congregations with strategic and financial planning, board governance, staff team design and supervision, size transitions, and conflict transformation. We also offer coaching for individual leaders.
  • The Hartford Institute for Religion Research’s Congregational Assessment Inventories. Over the past thirty years many hundreds of churches have used Hartford Institute’s congregational inventories to assist in their pastoral search and church planning efforts. Our three basic surveys and reporting forms are user-friendly and reflect the insights from the most recent up-to-date social science research on congregations.  Recently we instituted an online version that also allows for some customization, is less expensive and has a more rapid turnaround time.
  • The Social Research Lab at University of Northern Colorado is a one stop shop for all your qualitative and quantitative research needs.  We have experience and expertise in conducting and consulting on a variety of research projects at all stages of development. We can do everything from project design to data collection, analysis and report writing. The SRL exists to serve UNC and the surrounding community by utilizing highly trained faculty and undergraduate and graduate students to produce affordable, customized research solutions.