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Welcome to Studying Congregations, a project of the Congregational Studies Team and a new-generation introduction to the tools and concepts we have developed for people who are interested in understanding the nature and dynamics of the diverse communities people form to express and support their faith.

Whether you are curious about a particular issue facing a particular congregation or interested in the way congregations across the U.S. and the world are playing new roles in society, you will find examples and questions to stimulate your thinking.  You may also find a community of others who share your curiosity. Check out our blog for examples and ideas.

Whether you are a religious leader yourself or a teacher, scholar, or researcher, you will find suggestions here that will help you undertake your own exploration.  Just start with “What’s Your Question,” move on to look for the right tools and “methods,” think through what you see with our “frames,” and decide how you will communicate what you’ve found — perhaps by writing a contribution to the blogs on this site.

An additional way we support research on congregations is through our Engaged Scholar Fellowship Program.  Meet our current Fellows and read more about what past Fellows have done.

Bookmark studyingcongregations.org and come back often.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Welcome.