Congregational life

Why are young adults leaving their churches? – by Nancy Ammerman

What do we know about congregational size? – by Ellen Childs

Why would anyone attend a Megachurch? – by Gerardo Marti

6 Ways to Keep Congregational Conflicts Constructive – by Joyce Mercer

What do sociologists know about church attendance? – by R. Stephen Warner


Individual Belief 

The Reality Behind “Spiritual but Not Religious”  – by Nancy Ammerman


Diversity and Immigrant Congregations 

Why don’t young Chinese Americans go to church? – by Seanan Fong, Russell Jeung, and Helen Kim

Difficulties of Diversity: Why so few congregations are racially integrated – by Brandon C. Martinez and Kevin D. Dougherty



Congregationalism in American Churches – by R. Stephen Warner


Outside the American Context

 What do we know about Megachurches in India? – by K. Sungjemmeren Imchen


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