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Monnot & Stolz (2014)

Monnot, Christophe, and Jorg Stolz. 2014. The Diversity of Religous Diversity: Using Census and NCS Methodology in Order to Map and Assess the Religious Diversity of a Whole Country. In Religious Pluralism: Framing Religious Diversity in the Contemporary World, edited by G....
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Chaves & Eagle (2015)

Chaves, Mark, and Allison Eagle. 2015. Religious Congregations in 21st Century America: National Congregations Study. Duke University.
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Wind and Lewis (1994)

Wind, James P., and James W. Lewis (Eds.). 1994. American Congregations: Portraits of 12 Religious Communities and American Congregations: New Perspectives in the Study of Congregations. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (Amazon)
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Chaves (2004)

Chaves, Mark. 2004. Congregations in America. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. (Amazon)
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Edgell and Eiesland (1997)

Becker, Penny Edgell, and Nancy L. Eiesland (Eds.). 1997. Contemporary American Religion: An Ethnographic Reader. Walnut Creek, Cal.: AltaMira Press. (Amazon)
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