DEFINITIONS – We use a lot of language in this website and blog that is not necessarily common to schools of theology or congregations — like frames for studying congregation or a research method’s protocol. If you get lost in some of the language, check the page on Definitions.

BLOG – We have a blog with examples of case studies, news stories, how-tos for various methods, and other interesting congregational life examples. Check it out (and follow us on Facebook and Twitter)!

EXISTING RESEARCH BIBLIOGRAPHIES – Do you want to read published work about various topics related to congregational studies? We have bibliographies for a variety of topics, and would welcome suggestions for new areas of investigation.

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR PASTORS – Are you a religious leader wanting some time or funding to work on your own project? Or perhaps you are in need of a sabbatical and don’t know where to find funding? We have amassed a number of grant and scholarship opportunities for pastors.

RESEARCH RESOURCES – We have put a number of our research resources in one place here. These resources are available elsewhere on the site, but this is a convenient place to find many of the resources at once.