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Loveland & Ksander (2014)

Loveland, Matthew T. and Margret Ksander. 2014. “Shepherds and Sheep: Parish Reconfiguration, Authority, and Activism in a Catholic Diocese.” Review of Religious Research 56(3):443-65. doi: 10.1007/s13644-014-0156-3. 
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Hall (2021)

Hall, Anna. 2021. Church After: Finding Transformation in Unexpected Places. Scottsdale, GA: Cane Mill Press. 
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Freudenberg (2018)

Freudenberg, Maren. 2018. The Mainline in Late Modernity: Tradition and Innovation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. New York: Lexington Books. 
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Chaves and Anderson (2014)

Chaves, M., & Anderson, S. L. 2014. Changing American Congregations: Findings from the Third Wave of the National Congregations Study. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53(4): 676-686. (Article)
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Anderson et. al (2008)

Anderson, S. L., Martinez, J. H., Hoegeman, C., Adler, G., & Chaves, M. 2008. “Dearly Departed: How Often Do Congregations Close?” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 47 (2): 321-328. (Article)
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