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Herzog, Snell & Vaidyanathan (2015)

Herzog, Patricia Snell and Brandon Vaidyanathan. 2015. “Conflict & Community: Twin Tensions in Becoming a Multiethnic Congregation.” Review of Religious Research 57(4):507-29. doi: 10.1007/s13644-015-0224-3. 
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Harper, Perkins & Johnson (2020)

Harper, Craig A., Colin Perkins and Debbie Johnson. 2020. “Psychological Factors Influencing Religious Congregation Members’ Reporting of Alleged Sexual Abuse.” Journal of Sexual Aggression 26(1):129-44. doi: 10.1080/13552600.2019.1599453.
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Shin and Park (1988)

Shin, E. H., & Park, H. 1988. “An Analysis of Causes of Schisms in Ethnic Churches: The Case of Korean-American Churches.” Sociological Analysis 49: 234-248. (Article)
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Ellison et. al. (2009)

Ellison, C., G., Krause, N., Shepherd, B. C., & Chaves, M. 2009. “Size, Conflict, and Opportunities for Interaction: Congregational Effects on Members’ Anticipated Support and Negative Interaction.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48(1), 1-15....
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Dollhopf and Scheitle (2013)

Dollhopf, E. J., & Scheitle, C. P. 2013. “Decline and Conflict: Causes and Consequences of Leadership Transitions in Religious Congregations.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(4): 675-697. (Article)
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