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Whitehead (2018)

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2018. “Religion and Disability: Variation in Religious Service Attendance Rates for Children with Chronic Health Conditions.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 57(2):377-95. doi:
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Shain (2019)

Shain, Michelle. 2019. “Beyond Belief: How Membership in Congregations Affects the Fertility of U.S. Mormons and Jews.” Review of Religious Research 61(3):201-19. doi: 10.1007/s13644-019-00378-x.
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Grewal (2009)

Grewal, Zareena A. 2009. “Marriage in Colour: Race, Religion and Spouse Selection in Four American Mosques.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 32(2):323-45.
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Crosby, Smith, LaChausse, Blanchette & Palardy (2021)

Crosby, Robert G., Erin I. Smith, Robert G. LaChausse, Leon Blanchette and Gregory J. Palardy. 2021. “Practices of Supportive Church Children’s Ministries: An Exploratory Multilevel Investigation of Church of the Nazarene Congregations in the United States.” Review of...
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Corcoran, Stein, Coyler & Kowalski (2021)

Corcoran, Katie E., Rachel E. Stein, Corey J. Colyer and Brittany M. Kowalski. 2021. “Familial Ties, Location of Occupation, and Congregational Exit in Geographically-Based Congregations: A Case Study of the Amish.” Review of Religious Research 63(2):245-68. doi:...
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