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Stein, Corcoran, Kowalski & Colyer (2020)

Stein, Rachel E, Katie E Corcoran, Brittany M Kowalski and Corey J Colyer. 2020. “Congregational Cohesion, Retention, and the Consequences of Size Reduction: A Longitudinal Network Analysis of an Old Order Amish Church.” Sociology of Religion. doi: 10.1093/socrel/srz036. 
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McClure (2015)

McClure, Jennifer M. 2015. The Cost of Being Lost in the Crowd: How Congregational Size and Social Networks Shape Attenders’ Involvement in Community Organizations. Review of Religious Research 57 (2):269-286.
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Scheitle and Dougherty (2008)

Scheitle, C. P., & Dougherty, K. D. 2008. “Density and Growth in a Congregational Population: Reformed Churches in New York, 1628-2000.” Review of Religious Research 49(3): 233-250. (Article)
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Pinto and Crow (1982)

Pinto, L. J., & Crow, K. E. 1982. “The effects of size on other structural attributes of congregations within the same denomination.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 21: 304-316. (Article)
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Finke (1994)

Finke, R. 1994. “The Quiet Transformation: Changes in Size and Leadership of Southern Baptist Churches.” Review of Religious Research 36(1): 3-22. (Article)
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