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Nisanci (2017)

Nisanci, Zubeyir. 2017. “Close Social Ties, Socioeconomic Diversity and Social Capital in US Congregations.” Review of Religious Research 59(3):419-39. doi: 10.1007/s13644-017-0293-6.
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Wuthnow (2002)

Wuthnow, Robert. 2002. “Religious Involvement and Status-Bridging Social Capital.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:669-684. (Article)
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Sample (1996)

Sample, Tex. 1996. White Soul: Country Music, the Church and Working Americans. Nashville: Abingdon. (Amazon)
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Reimer (2007)

Reimer, Sam. 2007. “Class and Congregations: Class and Religious Affiliation at the Congregational Level of Analysis.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46(4):583-594. (Article)
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Pope (1942)

Pope, Liston. 1942. Millhands and Preachers. New Haven: Yale University Press. (Amazon)
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